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stats aren't the greatest .... down in dollars for the first time in my career....

Total Area Summary Sep. 2011 YTD Sep. 2010 YTD %+/-

Listings (Units) 5,253 5,127 2.5%

Expired Listings (Units) 2,142 2,195 -2.4%

Sales (Units) 1415 1513 -6.5%

Sales ($) $418,954,498 $429,641,706 -2.5%

Sales $1 to $199,999 (Units) 439 537 -18.2%

Sales $200K to $349,999 (Units) 648 656 -1.2%

Sales $350K to $499,999(Units) 191 177 7.9%

Sales $500K to $799,999K (Units) 98 108 -9.3%

Sales $800K to $999,999K (Units) 15 12 25.0%

Sales $1.0 Million + 24 23 4.3%

Average Residential Price $327,219 $313,990 4.2%


Market Summary Results 2010 vs 2011

Residential Activity By Area Sep. 2011 YTD Sep. 2010 YTD %+/-

Clearview (Units) 116 122 -4.9%

12 Month Average Price $302,402 $334,530 -9.6%

Collingwood (Units) 237 223 6.3%

12 Month Average Price $293,060 $269,886 8.6%

Grey Highlands (Units) 60 79 -24.1%

12 Month Average Price $340,075 $328,390 3.6%

Municipality Meaford (Units) 74 99 -25.3%

12 Month Average Price $290,508 $260,555 11.5%

Mulmur (Units) 4 9 -55.6%

12 Month Average Price $1,364,600 $424,140 221.7%

Town Blue Mountains (Units) 109 116 -6.0%

12 Month Average Price $550,997 $492,161 12.0%

Tiny Township (Units) 22 28 -21.4%

12 Month Average Price $318,559 $286,623 11.1%

Wasaga Beach (Units) 292 295 -1.0%

12 Month Average Price $273,719 $271,420 0.8%

NOTE: These statistics are compiled using data from the MLS® system of the Georgian Triangle

Real Estate Board.

Published Thursday, October 06, 2011 2:06 PM by Jonathan Knight

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